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I have been working with a number of clients who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  Their paths have differed with respect to amount of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation that they have undergone.  For all of them though there is a great amount of health that comes from using naturopathic therapies alongside their allopathic treatment plan.  We work together at the different stages;  we work to help the body to recover quickly from surgery, manage nausea through chemotherapy, we do laboratory work to assess hormone levels and liver detoxification capability, we work on mindfulness meditation and we work on a long term plan of what to do to stay healthy and thriving after the intensive treatment is completed.

Unfortunately breast cancer is the most common cancer for women worldwide. We need to know how to keep our bodies healthy, we need to know about the effects of toxins in our bodies and how to decrease the incidence of and how to clear out those toxins. We need to know how to help to keep our hormones in a healthy balance.  I have learned  from Sat Dharum Kaur, ND  a leader in Naturopathic Breast Cancer Care.   She lives and works in Owen Sound and she has a website is an amazing resource for women with information for all aspects of breast health.  Visit to learn so much and to get a hold of valuable resources.

She has written books on the subject that are available at most bookstores. Last year I studied with Sat Dharum Kaur in her “Healthy Breast Teacher Training Program” and I am looking forward this year to teaching the program to educate and provide support to women interested in maintaining or improving the health of their breasts.  This program is for all women; those that may have breast cancer, those that have a family history and are looking to prevent it in their lives and those that are survivors of the disease.

I thought to post this link today as I was working on a case for a client.  This is a link to recommendations for women who are thrivers,  women who have had breast cancer in the past.  We need to share the knowledge and we need to use this knowledge to stay healthy and keep those we love healthy.

Vivienne Guy

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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