Cooking For One Can Be A Challenge – Consider Meal Sharing!

There are very many people who live alone and who need to be Solo Chefs.  It is a fact however, that people who live alone have a hard time cooking a proper meal for themselves, who lose the “Chef” and just have the “Solo”. Just do a search on  Amazon for “Cooking for one” and you’ll get 1,075 results for recipe books…inspirational texts…you name it.  Many people report that they are uninspired to cook for one. It can be too tiring to cook every evening after a busy day. Many say that it’s more fun to cook for others, why go to all that trouble just for one person?

As well as the lack of inspiration to provide just for themselves, Solo Chefs tell me that it is difficult to commit to to buying fresh veggies as they more often than not end up rotting in the bottom of the fridge and hitting the garbage or compost instead of a plate.  This results in more packaged food that is pumped with preservatives and chemicals that can stay on the shelf for a long time.

A problem, yes… and in a lot of cases an obstacle to good health.  So what to do about it ?

I had an idea, which likely isn’t new, but that thankfully has been heard by a number of my clients so far.   “Why not ask your friends if they would be interested in swapping meals?“ At first some folk responded with excuses such as “I don’t have the time…Wouldn’t that be weird?…I don’t know anyone that would be into that…We don’t have time to eat at each others homes all the time.”

But I asked them to try it.

Think about it.
Do you have friends in a similar living arrangement to yourself?  A couple, 2 couples?  A single friend, 2 or three?  Well then, you can match up and inspire them to revisit their kitchens too !

Start with cooking once a week and you end up with food for as many days as there are people in your gang.

Cook enough food at that time that can feed everyone one meal. At the same time you know that somewhere else in the city, someone is making yummy food for you.

Get enough food storage containers for everyone (I prefer glass, but do what you need to do to get over any obstacles. Just don’t let me hear of you heating your food in plastic 🙂 ) You’ll get them the same number back with each swap so it’s just a one time cost.

Then pick a day for the exchange.

One client reports that she and her colleagues bring the meals into work on Monday and share them around. They have a fridge so this works for them. She is excited to bring home 5 meals !! And she only spent the time for preparing one !!

Another client does a meal share with neighbours, so she walks over one evening a week and drops the meal on their doorstep for them.  How great would it be to arrive home to a home cooked meal that you didn’t have to move a muscle for?

I am happy to tell you that it works !!!  You end up with a freezer full of individually prepared meals that only require you to heat them up and enjoy.

I have a number of clients come back and let me know that they are still doing it after many months.

So, I’ll ask you too.  Will you try it ?

Let me know how it goes.


Dr. Vivienne Guy, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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