Making Beeswax Candles

Bees wax candles are offered for sale at many stores. I went online before Christmas to try to buy some as gifts for friends. I came upon many sites from across Canada and the US. I want however to have a local purchase, so searched closer to home. I came upon a website that had a link to the person making the candles and I and was inspired by their creativity.

I have always been a crafty person and actually went back and forth between “do I go to Naturopathic College in Toronto?” and “Do I live on Vancouver Island and open a craft co-op?” Very different options, I know. As you can see I ended up with option number one, but I haven’t forgotten the crafter inside of me and I continue to knit and crochet and craft when I can.

 SO… Instead of buying candles I thought “Why don’t I just go and make them? ” So my husband bought me a big ole pile of beeswax for a Christmas gift and a pillar mould so that I could do just that. I needed some more supplies however and in the New Year after the busyness of the season I went to Value Village and purchased a double boiler and a metal tea kettle.  I also picked up some tin candle moulds from Michaels craft shop.

Just a little while ago I finally went to work! Here are my pictures and I am really happy with how easy the entire process was.

Step One:  set up the mould. Get cardboard so that you don’t mess up your countertop.   

The set up

A big knife and your double boiler. 








Step Two : Cut off some wax off the block and then melt it. 








Step Three : pour wax into mould

Step Four: Wait , have a cup of tea

Step Five: Pour some more wax into the little dip that occurs in the middle of the candle after about 45min.

Step Six: wait


Step Seven: tip the mould upside down, give it a good shake, worry that it’s not coming out easily and then it comes out     







I love the light that comes from these candles. I have been using them in the evening instead of having overhead lights on. I find that my childrens energy is nice and calm and they can wind down easier for bedtime and knowing that I’m not releasing chemicals into the air makes me feel good about them.

Vivienne Guy, ND                                                Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Cleaning the Air by Burning Beeswax Candles

  • The following I took directly from a company in BC that sells lovely beeswax candles and for those of you who don’t want to make your own, they ship them too !
  • Why choose Beeswax ?
  • Clean air: unlike other candles that produce toxic fumes when burned, Beelites beeswax candles produce no toxic by-products and are non-allergenic. This is why the American Lung Association recommends beeswax candles. 
  • Draw in contaminants: As the candle burns, it produces negative ions that circulate in the room and attract pollutants. 
  • Neutralize pollutants: such as dust, odours, mould, bacteria, viruses and other toxins. 
  • Produce calming and balancing vibrations: When beeswax candles burn, they also produce a multi level vibration that calms the inner senses. This vibration can be observed within the glowing halo surrounding the flame. It is said that burning a beeswax candle in the bedroom for 30 minutes before going to sleep will result in a more restful sleep. 
  • Honey scent: Beeswax candles will sweeten the room with the pure scent of honey. 
  • Burn longer than paraffin wax. 
  • Virtually dripless in a draft-free environment. 
  • Natural Color which will vary depending on bee’s source of pollen and nectar
  • Frosted Appearance will develop over time. This natural Process is called ‘bloom’ and shows that the candle is pure beeswax. The candle can be buffed to appear shiny if you prefer.

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