My experience with food intolerances

After posting the last entry, I realized that I hadn’t shared my story ever. So here it is.

I thankfully haven’t had a disease nor have I had concerns with infertility, but I had things happening with my health that I just took for granted as they had always been there since childhood. I didn’t realize until later on in my life that I could feel a heck of a lot better than ever before.

I suffered throughout my childhood with digestive upsets. I didn’t know that. I thought that eating resulted in the same thing for everyone as it did for me. I thought everyones stomach puffed out after eating, that they all burped or had gurgly sounds in their intestines. Looking back on photos, I see that I was so skinny!  It turns out that despite eating well and not being “sick”, I was not a healthy little girl. I never had a “disease”, didn’t go to the doctor all that much, but I wasn’t the healthiest I could have been.

A few years ago I was offered a free nutritional analysis from a company that I work with to introduce me to the test. I did this and was surprised to find out that I was protein malnourished, and lacking both magnesium and B12. This even at a time in my life where having completed Naturopathic College I was eating the healthiest diet of my life!
So I went searching for the reason why. It’s what us Naturopaths do 🙂

I did a liver function test that showed again, that I was protein malnourished  resulting poor detox capabilities akin to those of someone who is an IV drug user. What?? What did this mean? Then I finally did a food allergy test on myself. Yes…the same one that I had been using for years with my clients and lo and behold, I have a gluten intolerance and an intolerance to eggs. This was resulting in malabsorption of nutrients and protein. I was eating well, but it wasn’t being absorbed into my system! Yikes…. I had been teaching people that for years. Finally I got to that bit of “Doctor , heal thyself”

So….I pulled gluten and eggs out of my diet, took anti-inflammatory supplements and herbs and healed my digestive tract. It was hard at first for sure. But almost immediately my joint pain was gone. Yes, again, I had thought that normal joints just felt stiff and weak all the time. I didn’t imagine that they could feel any different. My first few steps out of bed in the morning were so painful because my ankles were stiff and inflamed, but I just thought that that was the way things were. My digestive system improved within a week. I no longer bloated to the size of someone who is 6 months pregnant after eating a certain type of meal.  I also lost weight.  By this time in my life I was no longer the skinny little girl I was actually carrying more weight than I should have been and after healing my digestive tract, my body settled to a healthy normal weight. I see this with a lot of adults with food intolerances.


My energy improved. I was no longer falling asleep at 7pm or dragging myself through my evenings, just hanging in there to get my kids to bed so that I could crash out onto the couch. I noticed that my hair that had been falling out stayed put where it should be… on my head! This I had attributed to hormonal changes after having my children, but no…again malnourishment and iron deficiency.
Now years later I remain pain free, have great energy and say “what a turnaround !!”


How about you? Do you feel like that at all? Is there possibly an easy-to-find reason for you being tired, for you being in pain? Let me help. We can uncover the cause, then we can treat the cause. That’s the number one thing on the naturopathic doctors oath.  Treat the cause. You don’t have to have a disease or acute condition to come in and see a naturopath. You will however, leave feeling better than you thought you could.

Vivienne Guy, ND                                                                                                                               Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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