Eating well and eating right.


We strive daily to make good choices around food. We know to increase the amount of vegetables, eat whole grains, and to choose pesticide free food whenever possible. A missing piece in ensuring proper nutrition for yourself or your family is choosing the RIGHT foods for you. For someone with a food intolerance healthy choices such as whole grains could actually be bad for their health.


My clients present in the office with a variety of health concerns, some examples are: poor concentration; inflammatory bowel disease; headaches; fatigue, stress… many many things.


Now, this is not hard and fast rule, but I do notice a trend with respect to how eating a WRONG food can result in these symptoms showing up for a person. Following are some examples, remember that every individual has different reasons as to why their body might not be functioning optimally, but this is an interesting thing that I have noticed.


Most often when I see a client with a dairy intolerance he or she will present with a tendency toward anxiety, stress and might be more prone to depression. They will likely have loose bowels a lot of the time. They may have a history of ear infections as a child and a stuffed nose most of the time. They may have had eczema that comes and goes.


When I see someone with a gluten intolerance, this person tends toward alternating constipation and diarrhea, more often constipated. They tend to be tired, they go to bed early, don’t feel rested. They likely are iron deficient and when we measure more minerals, we see they are deficient in a LOT of them. They also report that their muscles tire easily. One client mentioned that she can’t paint for a long time or scrub stuck on grime off of a pan.


When I see someone with an egg intolerance, this person often has joint pain or stiffness. They’ll likely have eczema. They may be frustrated easily. They’ll tend toward constipation also, but things like ceasar salad dressing might have immediate effects on them.


When I see children with food intolerances they often are the ones who’s teacher reports home that they have trouble listening and focusing in the classroom. They’ll often have dark circles under their eyes . Most likely a child that is wetting the bed at an older age is doing so because of an immune reaction to foods that he or she is eating.


Parents sometimes feel guilty for having fed their child a food that they are intolerant to, but please if you are one of those parents, let go of that guilt. As an individual you may feel frustrated that you have been eating a healthy diet and still don’t feel great. Remember that food intolerances are not always toward “bad” foods. These foods are often staples in the diets, healthy protein choices, whole grains, some fruits even. But some food is just not “RIGHT” for some people.


If your body is giving you signs such as aches and pains, a stuffy nose, skin irritations, it is letting you know that there is something aggravating you that you may be unaware of. My advice to you is to look at your food and determine not only what is considered healthy, but what is actually RIGHT for you.

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