Improving our body’s detoxification – part one

The incidence of many conditions from arthritis to cancer can be decreased when we improve how our body eliminates wastes and toxins.  Often times people come looking for advice on how to do a cleanse or a seasonal detox. Something that I recommend in addition to this is to take action on a daily basis to improve our body’s detoxification pathways. 

 In the next few posts on the blog I will outline many ways in which we can make  improvements.  I’ll add them a few at a time so that you can try to include them bit by bit into your daily life.

Today I’ll describe how to assist detoxification through the circulatory system

The Circulatory System, is comprised of our cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels) and our lymphatic system (lymph, lymph nodes and lymph vessels)

1. The circulatory system allows for carbon dioxide and cellular toxins can be carried away in the blood.  Fresh oxygen, nutrients will be carried in the blood to our tissues and cells.  Increasing the blood flow will speed up the passage through the liver and kidneys and how frequently the blood can be filtered.  Keeping our heart healthy and strong is of great importance to pump our blood around our body. We can help our heart in its work through daily exercise, contrast showers (alternating hot and cold water) and through dietary choices that help strengthen the heart muscles and keep arteries clear.

2. Along with the blood circulation , it is essential to increase the flow of the lymph through the lymphatic vessles.  The lymphatic system is like our garbage collection system.  It runs alonside our blood vessels and absorbs the waste and byproducts of cellular activity and toxins that may be in our circulation. You may have noticed swollen lymph nodes as some point. The nodes are where your immune cells have accumulated to “eat up”  waste and toxiins that are flowing through the lymphatic fluid.

Exercise is particularly important for the lymphatic fluid– a vital part of our immune system. This is because muscle action is how the lymph is ‘squeezed’ along the lymph vessels.  While the cardiovascular system has the heart to pummp our blood, the lymph hasn’t got a heart to pump it round – so it’s through exercise, deep breathing rebounding (jumping on a small trampouline),  skin brushing and contrast showers that the flow is increased. 

There won’t necessarily be immediate changes when you begin to improve the circulatory system, but you will notice over time that you will experience fewer colds, flus and that you have more energy and vitality.

Can you give it a try ?

VivienneGuy,ND                                                                                                                                                                               Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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