I’ve decided to transition to a gluten free vegan diet – Dr.Vivienne Guy

Gluten- Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free and Meat-Free, OH MY !

Why? I can hear many of you ask.

Are you crazy? Perhaps.

What will you eat? I’ll let you know.

I have wanted to do this for years. When I did my IgG allergy test a number of years ago it showed that I was gluten intolerant and also egg intolerant, I made big changes in how I ate. I experienced amazing changes in my health as a result. You can read more about that in this previous blog.

My family members had their IgG allergy tests also and it turns out that my daughter is intolerant to dairy and eggs, my son to gluten and eggs and my hubby (who took about 2 years to follow suit and actually do the test) is intolerant to eggs and dairy.

So…it would seem that in our house we shouldhave already  completely eliminated all dairy and eggs. That should be the case in a Naturopaths house ! Shouldn’t she know that already ? Well yes, but it hasn’t happened 100% yet. I’d say we are each doing well on our own categories, but there is no need for some of us to be eating dairy or gluten when the others can’t. The meals are great, it’s the snacks and perhaps ad ons that are trickier sometimes. It causes a little bit of strife with the kids, with: How come he / she gets to have that treat / milk / cupcake? I’ll confess too that I haven’t yet given up cows milk in my nice cuppa.

“Convenience shouldn’t be a reason to miss out on optimum health.”

Bottom line for this new diet plan is that I don’t believe that gluten and dairy are valuable components of a healthy diet. I think that they are convenient and that’s about it. Convenience shouldn’t be a reason to miss out on optimum health. With respect to the meat part, the brand new challenge. I have wanted to do this for years and hadn’t quite hit the Go button. Again, out of convenience.

“For my new dietary adventure, I am being a little sneaky”

I am blessed that my husband loves to cook. He is in fact an amazing cook. So good, that we rarely go out to eat as we are quite often let down by what gets served to us. Even the kids say, “Daddy could have done this better”. He has stepped up to the challenge of creating delicious family meals that are gluten, dairy and egg free. But what to do if your fabulous chef loves to cook with meat? First of all, you really appreciate all the time and effort that he puts in…and then….you work around him. I do my best right now to have some meatless dinners in the week. For my new dietary adventure, I am being a little sneaky. He is leaving for Thailand for a months holiday in February. I am going to read and learn and prepare for the next couple of weeks and then I am going to use his time away as a meatless month. Let’s see what happens!

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  1. Anxious to hear how this goes and for you to share ideas and tips. We’re trying to make a shift to less gluten and from being vegetarian to vegan. So far….baby steps!

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